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Предыдущий месяц расписания событий языковых курсов Евразияфевраль 2021Следующий месяц расписания событий языковых курсов Евразия
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Предыдущий месяц расписания событий языковых курсов Евразиямарт 2021Следующий месяц расписания событий языковых курсов Евразия
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Language center "Eurasia" with an assistance of official partners provides visa sponsorship for its students for the whole period of studying in Moscow.

We prepare visas only for the students who intend to study in our center. Visa support includes collection of all necessary documents for visa application and extension of the period of staying.


Things to consider:

Studying at the courses of the language center Eurasia is a must condition to get visa.

The invitation arrangement takes from 3 to 21 days.

The invitation arrangement costs from 40 to 50€ .

To draw up the visa you need to fill in the form on our website and send a scanned copy of the 1st page of your passport.

We provide visa sponsorship both for individual and corporate clients.

The language center "Eurasia" invites everyone to the short term studying program from 2 to 3 weeks (14-21 days) with any other type of visa and a free style studying program.





For the period of learning Russian language we introduce to our students Russian culture, traditions and life style, as well as historical and architectural monuments of Moscow. We conduct excursions at the museums and introduce various exhibitions and presentations.

They say it is better to see than to learn through the Internet. That is the reason why every education program of our center includes the following excursions:

learning Russian language in Moscow

Historical center of Moscow

The Red Square and Kremlin as a symbol of Moscow and the whole Russia.

Saint Vassily Cathedral as a national symbol of Russia and the main church of the Red Square.

The Tverskaya Street (main street of Moscow).

Tretiyakov Gallery

Tretiyakov Gallery is a National Russian Art Gallery where you can find the icon painting of the 18thcentury and the works of art of the 18-19thcenturies.

learn russian

Tsaritsino park museum

Tsaritsino is a luxurious estate of the 18th century that became a museum in 1984. The estate was built in pseudo gothic style by the project of Bazhenov and Kozakov.

Kuskovo park estate (XVIIIth century)

The luxurious estate of Kuskovo used to belong to the count Sheremitiev family for more than 400 years. There they held splendid balls and receptions, large scale merry making on public holidays, performances and festivals. Kuskovo is one of the earliest representatives of summer residences in Russia. Every year the tradition of merry making on public holidays revives in Kuskovo.

learn russian

Kolomenskoe Park

Is one of the most ancient places of living in Russia where the modern Moscow is located now. It is situated up the steep banks of the Moscow river. In Kolomenskoe you will see the oldest historical and cultural monuments, such as the icon of Derzhavnaya Virgin Mary that is admired all over Russia.


The Kuzminki estate was founded in the beginning of the 18th century by Russian aristocrat Stroganov. It is the only estate of Russian aristocracy where all the buildings have survived. There you will see the family house, west and east wings, ancient grottos, horse farm, music pavillion, animal farm and the French park that is also famous as the Park of the Twelve Prospects.​

study russian language

Ostankino park

Another country estate of the count Sheremetiev is a pearl of the architectural art of the 17th -18th century. The luxurious palace and a theater were built by serf architects. It is the only house with functions of a theatre that includes a stage, an auditorium and dressing rooms. The interior of the rooms preserved the original decoration of the 18th century.

Izmailovo, the Imperial estate

Izmailovo island and the Imperial estate that is situated on the banks of Serebryanka river is one of the most interesting and unique historical spots of Moscow. The country Imperial estate was built by order of the Russian tsar Alexey Michailovich Romanov. In the center of the estate there was Imperial courtyard. Nowadays you can see the Bridge Tower, the Pokrovsky Cathedral (1671–1679), The Front and Back Entrance Gate (1679–1682) and the stone building of Nikolaevskaya Izmailovskaya poorhouse.





You have a flexible schedule or some circumstances do not let you study Russian in the classroom?

The Language Center «Eurasia» offers a unique opportunity to study Russian at home.

To learn Russian online you will need a computer with Internet access and Skype. Virtual reality creates an atmosphere of real studying in a classroom with a professional teacher, while you are staying at home or in your office. Both sides (teacher and student) can see each other. You can learn the Russian language online in a relaxing atmosphere of your house at a convenient time and suitable speed.

Experienced teachers will guide you and send all necessary materials before the lesson. Online Russian Language lessons are conducted the same way as individual lessons in the class.


To whom:

For students of all ages and levels.


Qualified specialists who obtained their diplomas at the Moscow State University (MSU) and other prestigious Russian universities.


Online in a relaxing atmosphere of your house


At any time convenient for you





The language center «Eurasia» offers not only effective Russian language studying program, but also a homestay program for foreign students (experience of living in Russian families for up to 30 days). It is needless to say that the knowledge of Russian conversation practiced in everyday life opens wide opportunities.


Advantages of participating in home stay program in Moscow for the period of studying in “Eurasia”:

  • Living in Russian family is one of the elements of intercultural communication and an important factor in building friendship between the people of different countries.
  • Russian families who host foreign students are well prepared for communication with foreign citizens and all the hosts have a positive experience in sharing apartment with the students of our courses who come to Moscow from all over the world.
  • Hosting families are open for communication even after you go back to your country. As we can see from the previous experience, our students stay in touch with their host families and keep on polishing their Russian skills on their return.
  • Learning Russian language living in a Russian family turns out to be more effective since the student enters a friendly language atmosphere from the 1st day of studies.
  • We can arrange a home stay program not only for adults who study Russian as a foreign language, but also for children.
  • Foreign students who learn Russian at the home stay program have no difficulties with overcoming the language barrier thanks to the constant communication in the family.
Conditions of living in Russian Families:
  • We place our students in comfortable furnished rooms in Moscow apartments. In your room you will have a desk, a computer with Internet access and a telephone. A comfortable kitchen will also be at your services.
  • All the apartments are located at the walkable distance from subway stations. Besides living in a Russian family is cheaper than living in a Moscow hotel..
  • The auditors of the Russian Language for Foreign Citizens Courses can choose the home stay family out of our data base, since we cooperate with the families of a wide age range.
  • All families who offer rooms for our students are well educated people with high moral principles.



Individual lessons of Russian as a Foreign Language is the most effective method of acquiring knowledge, which is widely practiced in our center by the best qualified specialists from Moscow State University, who teach Russian language lessons, as well as other specialists from prestigious Russian universities.

We teach Russian as a Foreign Language individually either in our classrooms or at your place or your office at any time convenient for you.

You can start to learn Russian individually in our center any time!

The importance of studying Russian as a Foreign Language does not need to be proved since it is one of the most effective means of International communication.

In many countries Russian language compete with English, German and French. For instance in the republic of Congo it is the third popular language in the country that follows after English and French.

To whom:

For students of all ages and levels.


Квалифицированные специалисты, которые получили свои дипломы в Московском государственном университете (МГУ) и других престижных вузах России.


In our classrooms in the very center of Moscow or at your place or your office./p>


At any time convenient for you.

What else:

Visa support, transfers, sightseeing program, accommodation and special requests.


5 reasons to choose individual Russian As a Foreign Language lessons in «Eurasia»:
  • Individual lessons of Russian as a Foreign Language means individual program for each student. Your tutor of Russian as a Foreign Language arranges the program basing on the chosen time, intensity and initial level of your Russian ability, in order to organize the process of your learning of Russian as a Foreign Language with the maximum efficiency.
  • Your personal tutor of Russian as a Foreign Lanuage will individually choose exclusive materials for Russian language lessons.
  • Apart from regular lessons in class, the teaching curriculum for individual studies includes practical lessons,performed by a personal tutor in museums, state institutions, enterprises and other places, which can be interesting in the terms of speaking practice in order to learn a certain topic in details. We learn Russian as a Foreign Language by attending exhibitions and art fairs, ancient country estates build in XVII-XVIIIth centuries, and other historical and architectural monuments of Moscow.
  • Our specialists teach you Russian as a Foreign Language individually, providing all necessary adjustments of the curriculum without increasing the number of lessons to cover more important and difficult for understanding topics.
  • Every teacher, your personal tutor of Russian as a Foreign Language considers your individual abilities to learn Russian. Together we will study Russian fast and successfully, meeting all you needs and wishes regarding the teaching style.





Learn Russian in Russia with us! Learning Russian as a Foreign Language in our center opens new horizons for foreign citizens and students, such as getting education in the best Russian universities (Masters or Doctoral degree). Use Russian language for scientific work, initiate economic cooperation or build cultural connections with the leading enterprises of Russia and CIS countries, sign agreements, being aware of cultural issues, understanding so-called “enigmatic Russian soul” that produces phrases like “yeah, no, well… possible”.

Things to consider!

Group lessons for foreign students studying Russian from beginner level start on the first week of each month. You can start to study at the Courses of Russian to Foreign Citizens any time of the year. Learn to speak Russian when do you want!

It is more fun to study Russian as a Foreign Language, attending exhibitions, going on excursions and being involved in other events. That is the reason why our teachers help you to arrange your leisure time, apart from the lessons in the class for the period of Russian studies at the Courses of Russian as a Foreign Language to Foreign Citizens. 


To whom:

For students of all ages and levels.


Квалифицированные специалисты, которые получили свои дипломы в Московском государственном университете (МГУ) и других престижных вузах России.


In small groups of 3 to 8 people in our classrooms in the very center of Moscow


Start each month.




Количество часов/мес.ПосещениеСтоимость р./месяцПолный курс (скидка 10%)
363 ак.часа, 3 зан./нед (утро)324 €/чел.875 €/чел.
363 ак.часа, 3 зан./нед (вечер)324 €/чел.875 €/чел.
363 ак.часа, 3 зан./нед (вых.день)324 €/чел.875 €/чел.

5 reasons to learn Russian as a Foreign Language at the group lessons in «Eurasia»::
  • We teach Russian to foreign citizens in small groups of 3 to 8 people, which guarantees that the tutor will pay enough attention to every student. You can learn russian fast!
  • We arrange groups by testing the level of initial language ability, so that the foreign students would learn Russian language in the groups of the same language level.
  • To provide excellent knowledge of Russian as a Foreign Language, we base our lessons on the program that includes colloquial, speaking and communicative material. Teaching of Russian as a Foreign Language includes such aspects as grammar, phonetics, vocabulary and writing. We pay a lot of attention to speaking and listening practice. Leading teaching methodology was developed by the best specialists from the Moscow State University.
  • We provide teaching of Russian to foreign citizens of any language level (from beginners to advanced) and any age group. You can join us by starting to study in the groups that already exist.
  • If you succeed in studies of Russian as a Foreign Language on a chosen level, center “Eurasia” will present you with a certificate that proves your knowledge.




It gives you an opportunity:
  • to experience Russian culture
  • learn about Russian journalism, literature, cinema and Russian Internet resources at through the virtual excursions
  • center “Eurasia” will present you with a certificate that proves your knowledge.



Языковой центр «Евразия» предлагает не только эффективно изучить русский язык.

Для иностранных студентов мы предусмотрели возможность изучения русского языка с проживанием в русской семье в течение небольшого периода – до 30 дней.

Согласитесь, русский язык открывает более широкие возможности, если он активно используется в повседневной жизни.

Преимущества проживания в русской семье в Москве на период обучения на курсах РКИ в языковом центре "Евразия":

  • Проживание на период обучения на языковых курсах в русских семьях - это один из элементов культурного взаимодействия и развития дружеских отношений между гражданами разных стран мира.
  • Русские семьи, в которые мы направляем своих студентов в Москве, специально подготовлены для общения с иностранными гражданами. Хозяева квартир имеют позитивный опыт совместного проживания со слушателями наших языковых курсов, приезжающих в столицу из различных уголков мира.
  • Обучение русскому языку иностранцев, проживающих в русских семьях, более эффективно, так как они с первого дня погружаются в дружественную языковую среду.
  • Мы располагаем возможностью устроить в специально подготовленные семьи для проживания в Москве на время изучения русского языка как иностранного не только взрослых, но и детей.
  • Изучение русского языка иностранными студентами не сопряжено со сложным преодолением языкового барьера благодаря постоянному общению.
  • Семьи, принимающие студентов-иностранцев, открыты для общения и после возвращения наших студентов в родные страны. Как показывает практика, наши учащиеся в течение многих лет поддерживают дружественные отношения с такими семьями, шлифуя свою разговорную речь.
Условия проживания в русских семьях:
  • Своих студентов мы расселяем по благоустроенным, комфортабельным и уютным меблированным комнатам в московских квартирах. В комнате есть письменный стол, компьютерная техника, доступ к Интернету, телефон. К услугам – комфортная кухня, где можно приготовить любимое блюдо.
  • Дома расположены возле станций метро или в нескольких минутах ходьбы от них. Кроме того, проживание в русской семье экономичнее, чем проживание в гостиницах и отелях Москвы.
  • Слушатели курсов русского языка для иностранных граждан могут сами выбрать себе компанию для общения вне языкового центра, поскольку мы сотрудничаем с хозяевами квартир разных возрастных категорий.
  • Все лица, предоставляющие нашим студентам комнаты для проживания на время обучения, – образованные, культурные люди с высокими моральными принципами.



У Вас "скользящий" график, или какие-то обстоятельства не позволяют Вам посещать наши курсы русского языка как иностранного?

Языковой центр "Евразия" дает вам прекрасную возможность обучения русскому языку не выходя из дома.

Для этого вам понадобится только компьютер с подключением к интернет и программа skype. Виртуальная действительность Интернет-технологий воссоздает настоящую атмосферу обучения в классе с учителем-профессионалом у вас дома или в офисе. Обе стороны видят друг друга. Вы сможете изучать язык в уютной домашней обстановке в удобное для вас время и в заданном вами темпе.

Только до 28 февраля:
-20% НА КУРС + УЧЕБНИК в подарок!
Торопись забронировать!


Обучение проводят опытные репетиторы русского языка как иностранного, учебные материалы высылаются перед занятием. Занятие проходит точно так же, как и при очном индивидуальном обучении.

Если вы изучаете русский, значит в вашем активе есть еще минимум один-два иностранных языка. Вы можете их тоже совершенствовать с «Евразией». Немецкий по скайпу, репетитор турецкого, китайский с носителем – мы предлагаем занятия один-на-один по любому языковому направлению со скидками для учеников центра!


Для кого:

Для иностранных студентов всех возрастов и любого уровня подготовки


Квалифицированные специалисты, которые получили свои дипломы в Московском государственном университете (МГУ) и других престижных вузах России.


В спокойной домашней обстановке, с использованием Skype


В любое удобное для Вас время





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