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Living in Moscow

The language center «Eurasia» offers not only effective Russian language studying program, but also a homestay program for foreign students (experience of living in Russian families for up to 30 days). It is needless to say that the knowledge of Russian conversation practiced in everyday life opens wide opportunities.


Advantages of participating in home stay program in Moscow for the period of studying in “Eurasia”:

  • Living in Russian family is one of the elements of intercultural communication and an important factor in building friendship between the people of different countries.
  • Russian families who host foreign students are well prepared for communication with foreign citizens and all the hosts have a positive experience in sharing apartment with the students of our courses who come to Moscow from all over the world.
  • Hosting families are open for communication even after you go back to your country. As we can see from the previous experience, our students stay in touch with their host families and keep on polishing their Russian skills on their return.
  • Learning Russian language living in a Russian family turns out to be more effective since the student enters a friendly language atmosphere from the 1st day of studies.
  • We can arrange a home stay program not only for adults who study Russian as a foreign language, but also for children.
  • Foreign students who learn Russian at the home stay program have no difficulties with overcoming the language barrier thanks to the constant communication in the family.
Conditions of living in Russian Families:
  • We place our students in comfortable furnished rooms in Moscow apartments. In your room you will have a desk, a computer with Internet access and a telephone. A comfortable kitchen will also be at your services.
  • All the apartments are located at the walkable distance from subway stations. Besides living in a Russian family is cheaper than living in a Moscow hotel..
  • The auditors of the Russian Language for Foreign Citizens Courses can choose the home stay family out of our data base, since we cooperate with the families of a wide age range.
  • All families who offer rooms for our students are well educated people with high moral principles.

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